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my official Suggestions

Postby relisys » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:14 am

Hi arf ok you may, may not be able to place some of these into the script but it would be nice to see all of these suggestion in the near future.

If you all have some suggestion you want to add then comment below and place your suggestions under a bold category so i can add it to this list E.g User: your suggestion

Personal Profile - (To be able to allow webmaster to make a personal profile with in their account to show if they are a webmaster, ceo of that website ect like
Cutomizable page within the account - (to be able to show them a tutorial page ect on how to edit sites ect) just like the directory description page
add to favorites - (the user who signs upto the site, be able to have an option to add the listed website or the website picture/video to there favorite list)
Account creation/loggin, sperate page.
send a personal message that will show in the account.
integrate twitter/face-book logging

Please add (get directions) for the google map.
Customizable Review ratings - (so you can add a customizable list with star rating aside of them like "customer service:" star rating, "Would you recomend:" star rating ect)
Add html to the text format in extra fields.
Allow the webmaster to add videos (of there products ect just like the format you have done with the pictures)
Picture/videos Library - (when the webmaster uploads a picture they have an option to add a album then the album then will apear in the picture library for others to see in one page)
Show or hide options, (Give the webmaster an optionm if they would like to hide there number ect so the visitor needs to click show number on the listting in order to see it)
Twitter/facebook, updates. (Allow the webmaster to add there twitter/facebook to show updates on there website listing)

sort array - (accending and deacending order with name, hits, rating, Ect)
post/zip code radios, (so you can see how far away the shop/website is in miles from the current ip address) or like a recomend based on the ip address
decription for the searched phrase - (So if i searched for ballons in birmingham, you could add a description about ballons in that searched phrase ect)

option for grid view or current list view
sort array - (same as search for array)

option to merge databases
to see who online live admin only , see what page as been accessed ect just a mini stats program built in.
allow the option to positon the listing fields, name, details, extra fields, image, ect anywere we want on the details page (if this is posible)
Able to make a separate category in newsletter subscription (Just like ... er-script/)

add a subscription base - so they can have the optiont to pay weekly monthly yearly ect
add more option to the criteria , like make the extra fields free/or payed define position option ect
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Re: my official Suggestions

Postby relisys » Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:25 am

bumping this so its before all this spam
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