Tutorial: correctly position its advertising adsense, oxado

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Tutorial: correctly position its advertising adsense, oxado

Postby Arf » Sun Aug 10, 2008 8:16 am

This tutorial will help you positioning your advertisements (adsense, oxado and many others ...) on your directory Arfooo.

It is a first step in creating a class in the file templates/arfooo/css/style.css
Code: Select all
.column_in_adv {

Of course, to position your pub, he may need to play with margin and/or padding.
Imagine that you want to shift your pub because it is sticking to a block located above.
We then use margin-top like that:
Code: Select all
.column_in_adv {

Always remember to put your new line after margin:0; if you add an attribute margin For example, as is always the last attribute that will take effect.
If you put your new attribute margin-top:7px before margin:0; then your attribute will have no effect.

It will also be playing with the width of the block ie width:655px;

In a second time, it will create your criterion in your admin:
Code: Select all
<div class="column_in_adv">
your advertising code

Best regards,
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Re: Tutorial: correctly position its advertising adsense, oxado

Postby craigprunty » Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:37 am

I’m wanting to use the left and right banners on my directory site but they both appear on the right hand side?

see - http://directory.linkexchangeforum.co.uk

Ive had this issue with PHPBB on my main forum http://www.linkexchangeforum.co.uk which I had to create a table between the header and footer to correctly issue

Any ideas or help on how to sort my banners would be great. :D
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Re: Tutorial: correctly position its advertising adsense, oxado

Postby naeempartner » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:13 pm

In January we moved to a third party ad system instead of selling own own text ads, but we're not happy at all with the company we signed up for - The Rubicon Project. They are like a middle man and serve ads from various other advertising companies like Google, Yahoo, Active Response Group, CPX Interactive, etc, and theoretically optimize them over time based on each network's performance to earn us the most money. That optimization is a fairy tale unfortunately, and doesn't so jack diddly. Plus we've had two major problems with the service, including them not paying us for our first month even though we had earned WAY above the minimum threshold, and both times their customer service sucked big time. And the ads are extremely irritating anyways, and that's not at all what we want.
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Re: Tutorial: correctly position its advertising adsense, ox

Postby danaray » Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:09 pm

great information. Really very help full for me.
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Re: Tutorial: correctly position its advertising adsense, ox

Postby benivolent » Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:38 am

Nice information. Thanks for providing..
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